15mm Zeiss Fatty

Just received our first shipment of little fattys from Zeiss. More officially known as the Zeiss ZF.2 Distagon 15mm f/2.8. Those who pre-ordered should be receiving theirs shortly. I’ll be doing some extensive testing, likely comparing it to our 11-16mm as well as other wide angle lenses.

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  1. Looks great but secretly hoping the (my) 11-16 gives it a run!

  2. I have the Tokina 11-16 and just bought the Zeiss 15mm 2 days ago…it Blows the Tokina out of the water! It’s not even a fair match. the Zeiss keeps everything almost distortion free and the colors and sharpness are unbelievable ! I’m selling my Canon mount Tokina, anybody interested ?:)

  3. Hi Matt,
    it says that this lens’ “image ratio at close range” is 1:18. What does that mean?
    e.g. ZF.2 100mm has 1:2, what’s the diff visually?

    • apologies, 15mm image ratio at MOD is @ 1:9
      e.g 85mm @ 1:10
      really curious what it means…

      • Dennis, Glad you asked. This is the reproduction ratio of any given object as it appears on the actual sensor. For example, in this case, if you’re shooting an 8 inch wide object at the Minimum Object Distance (MOD) then it would be reproduced on the sensor (or film) exactly 1 inch wide. This is why a great 1:1 Macro lens is useful. It means that an object photographed at the minimum distance would be exactly the same size in real life as it’s produced on the sensor/film.

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